- Office Food Ordering

EatFab is the place where you find delicious foods and fabulous daily menus.
Create your account and start ordering food together with your team.

How it Started

We constantly had issues when we ordered food at companies that I worked at:

  • There were days when no one would volunteer to centralize the orders and make the call to the food providers
  • The colleagues got distracted and forgot to bring the money to the collector, so she needed to put money from her own pocket and then recover the money from each individual.
  • The lack of food diversity, because there's only one food provider that the orderer is willing to call.
  • A lot of time was wasted with the whole food ordering process.

How EatFab Works

Once you have an account with money in it, you click on the link, choose one of the listed daily menus and place your order.
That's all - you will have your food delivered to your office with no further intervention.

At a certain hour (usually at 11:00 AM), the employees of the restaurants and catering companies close the daily menus and take the orders. You can modify or cancel your order until then.

How Much Does It Costs?

EatFab is completely free to use.
We earn our money by taking a small commission on the sales that restaurants are making through us.
You can cross check at any time the prices that we have with the prices displayed on the restaurants web sites.

Why People Like EatFab

You fund your account once a week/month, choose from multiple restaurants or catering companies and place the order online.
- by , Written on July 2, 2013

It’s easy, you have to go with the money once a month, place the order online, no excels, no searching for the colleague who has to gather the money.
- by , Written on July 2, 2013

I like it because I don’t have to gather the money, and because I can order from different providers using the same account...
- by , Written on July 2, 2013